Stuck in a Relationship

What do people do when they are stuck in a relationship? Both men and women can find themselves trapped in a life with someone they no longer love. Sometimes they try to leave but the other partner begs them to stay, promising they can work things out. Have you ever tried to leave and your partner says to you, “I can’t live without you.”

Well they can. Broken hearts mend, they do, just give them a little time. Some relationships involve children. People stay together because of their kid(s). This is a respectful thing to do but at what cost? How do you value your happiness? Depending on the time of year, partners may stay together to get through a holiday. Couples try to get though Christmas or Valentine’s day, because they do not want to be alone. Sometimes it could be as simple as the one partner has a car and the other does not. They rationalize staying together because a car makes life easier – grocery shopping, going to the movies, or to doing laundry. It only delays the inevitable, the day it makes sense to say goodbye. You need to walk away. For most, sooner is better.

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Bad relationships start too fast, the new partner is staying overnight, weeks go by, sex is bareback and great, then within weeks, there is that dreaded question, are you moving in? What do you say? If you say yes, there is no turning back. If you say no, then he or she will think you do not like her. Text messages will go unanswered, you start avoiding each other. There is no happy ending.

So what are our chances, divorce rates for first marriages in Canada is only 33 %. The positive side is that means a success rate of 67%. However, this is much lower for people who have been married before. The bottom line is many of us get involved in a relationship too fast, some of us stay in them too long. Let yourself be free.

So now what do we do? Do we stay alone or rebound? Do we allow our friends to hook us up or better yet, do we try online dating? If you do choose online dating, go slow. Have fun without all the strings or commitments that tie people down. Some sites like are just that type. Local singles just looking for fun – no strings attached. Chat with them, browse their profiles, ask them questions – get to know them. Online dating makes that easy. When you do find that perfect one, or close to perfect, then let your online dating membership expire and give it a real chance.